ProTreat Version 6.3 Released


OGT is pleased to announce the release of Version 6.3 of ProTreat. The release includes the following:

  1. New WHB Block which seamlessly incorporates radiation heat transfer and kinetic modelling of H2 and COS reactions into rigorous sizing and rating calculations.
  2. Columns and Recycle Blocks automatically initialize from previous results when possible. This results in significant time savings when running simulations more than once.
  3. Solver Block offers Linear Interpolation and Quadratic Interpolation methods which significantly speed convergence of well-behaved systems.
  4. Flow Multiplier Block includes the option to specify a Flow Ratio which sets the outlet flow rate to be a specified ratio of the flow rate of a reference stream.
  5. Several additional features and improvements.

If you are a licensed ProTreat user, go to and use your HASP Key ID to login and download the latest version.