ProTreat Version 6.4.2 Released


Version 6.4.2 of ProTreat® has now been released.  Advances include:

  • Improved Waste Heat Boiler reliability for operating under high-level oxygen enrichment.  Improved reversible kinetics for H2 recombination and COS formation from CO.
  • Find a Stream or Block on the flowsheet by pressing Ctrl + F.  The flowsheet will adjust the view pane and highlight the queried item.
  • Carbon Clean Solutions Limited solvent added to ProTreat® and is available for Carbon Clean Solutions Limited approved customers.
  • Component Actual and Equilibrium graphs for columns are now displayed in Partial Pressure units.
  • Component Equilibrium graphs now available in Reabsorbers.
  • Internal Streams are color coded to match the customizable stream colors in PTR files.  All stream types are color coded by the thermodynamic model used to flash the stream.
  • Flash reliability and efficiency improvements.
  • General flowsheet execution speed improvements.
  • Bug fix which affects interface equilibrium calculations for columns with very steep temperature gradients.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Licensees have access to all updates at no charge and are encouraged to download and start using Version 6.4.2 to take advantage of the very latest.


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