Publication Size
Amine Regenerator Instabilities 3.18 MB
Choosing Tower Internals for LNG, Shale Gas, an... 286.18 KB
Column Design Using Mass Transfer Rate Simulation 97.68 KB
Column Design Using Mass Transfer Rate Simulation 150.86 KB
Design Pitfalls 1.17 MB
Designing Trays for Selective Treating 150.06 KB
Effect of Heat-Stable Salts on Amine Absorber a... 213.62 KB
Effective Amine Technology 249.27 KB
Eliminating Guess Work 328.2 KB
Glycol Dehydration as a Mass Transfer Rate Process 383.75 KB
Glycol Dehydration of High Acid Gas Streams 755.99 KB
HCN Distribution in Sour Water Systems 530.24 KB
Heat-stable Salts and Amine Unit Performance 2.84 MB
How Sensitive is Your Plant to Operating Condit... 738.01 KB
How Sensitive is Your Treating Plant to Operati... 635.63 KB
Hydrocarbon and Fixed Gas Solubility in Amine T... 621.95 KB
Mercaptans Removal from Gases by Absorption int... 645.52 KB
Methanol Distribution in Amine Systems 507.34 KB
Packed Column Simulation Tracks Plant Performance 99.02 KB
Predicting and Mitigating Corrosion in Amine Units 842.55 KB
Predicting Corrosion Rates in Amine and Sour Wa... 226.89 KB
Reliable Design of Sour Water Strippers 553.47 KB
Removing the Guesswork (Glycol Dehydration) 2.1 MB
Solubility of Hydrocarbons and Light Ends in Am... 426.63 KB
Sour Water Stripper Performance in the Presence... 351.12 KB
Sour Water Strippers Exposed 714.91 KB
Special Treatment 1.68 MB
Stable Operating Limits in Amine Plants 727.94 KB
Stripping Phenolic Water 1.75 MB
Tray Hydraulic Operating Regimes and Selectivity 175.04 KB
Tray Hydraulic Operating Regimes and Selectivity 6.01 MB
Treating High CO2 Gases with MDEA 268.1 KB
Treating Holistically (3-Part Series) 12.12 MB
What Are the Benefits from Mass Transfer Rate-b... 619.04 KB
Behavior and Effect of Methanol in Amine Treati... 259.81 KB
Reducing CO2 Slip from the Syngas Unit of an Am... 928.33 KB
Sensitivity of Treating Plant Performance to To... 675.98 KB
Vol 10 No 06 The Case of the Corroding Regenerator 516.58 KB
The Role of Tail Gas Treating Unit Quench Towers 515.39 KB
Vol 10 No 07 Making Sense of Absorber Temperatu... 541.5 KB
Vol 10 No 08 Effect of Packing Size on Absorber... 487.35 KB
Vol 10 No 10 Approach to Equilibrium: Part 1 --... 552.52 KB
Tools for Analysing Gas Treatment 1.83 MB
Vol 10 No 12 Approach to Equilibrium: Part 2 --... 503.25 KB
Vol 11 No 03 Approach to Equilibrium: Part 3 — ... 485.82 KB
Vol 11 No 05 Keeping Amine in the System 378.73 KB
Vol 11 No 06 Where to Add Regenerator Energy 419.08 KB
Vol 11 No 08 Do Amine Absorbers Always Have a T... 584.39 KB
Vol 11 No 10 Packing Size and Syngas Absorber ... 900.91 KB
Vol 11 No 12 Pinch Analysis of a TGTU Absorber 506.65 KB
Vol 12 No 02 Oxidized Lean Loading 328.69 KB
Vol 12 No 04 Treating Sensitivity to Lean Loading 325.39 KB
Vol 08 No 01 Water Washing for HCN Removal 220.41 KB


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